A Whopping 100% of Data is Migrated Through Clouds Brain

22-Jan, 2021
click2cloud blogs- A Whopping 100% of Data is Migrated Through Clouds Brain

Enterprises nowadays opt for moving their data to the cloud. This not only improves their productivity but also enhance their business growth. One of the major reasons for this is lesser consumption of cost and infrastructure utilization.
We at Click2Cloud with our large scale globally used products and services enable multiple cloud vendors and consumers to fully rely on our multi-cloud management platform for migration.
“Clouds Brain”, is a fully automated, agile, robust, scalable and simple platform for any end-user to understand and work upon.
Users round the Globe can easily transfer bulk of data to the cloud with few hassle-free clicks. 
There are multiple extensive features that make you choose Clouds Brain for your cloud market reach be it storage, ACK ACR, cost management etc. Migration is one amongst them.
Clouds Brain is a way that provides you with multi-cloud migration options. With simple interface and easy to understand UI, a migration module with multi-cloud source and destination offers multiple migration scenarios which is user-friendly and helps its users to perform migration with easy steps. Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain migration feature is an 85% automated offering with managed service and support. Clouds Brain migration works seamlessly with all the leading cloud providers and associated services. 
Clouds Brain migration supports several migration scenarios such as:

  1. Cloud-to-Cloud Migration
  2. Virtual-to-Cloud Migration
  3. Database-to-Cloud Migration
  4. Storage-to-Cloud Migration
  5. Physical-to-Cloud Migration
  6. Virtual-to-Virtual Migration
  7. Infra Migration
  8. Container Migration

Also, Clouds Brain comes with different advanced migration methodologies that includes

  1. Application Migration using Lift and Shift
  2. App Modernization
  3. SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) cross database migration to SQL server from different source databases like MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase.

This benefits with inventory generation, migration plan and support, optimization planning, Financial justification (TCO and ROI), rapid deployment, reduced time and cost, operational efficiency, multi-cloud migration, reduces infrastructure complexity, and migration with security. 

With such amazing functionalities, migrate your data to any cloud through Clouds Brain.


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