A One-Stop Solution to IT Inventory Assessment-Click2Cloud® Cloud Intel

15-Sep, 2021
click2cloud blogs- A One-Stop Solution to IT Inventory Assessment-Click2Cloud® Cloud Intel

Businesses and organizations are moving their workload to the cloud for better agility, performance, and security. Cloud computing is the bellwether of hosting applications and databases to improve the overall efficiency of business processes. The disparity between the on-premise workload and cloud environment workload often results in businesses migrating the workload to the cloud. Cloud technology shows impeccable growth contributing to the adoption of cloud-based computing across many businesses and organizations.

Cloud readiness assessment is the process where businesses and organizations determine whether the workload can be moved to the cloud and what are the resources necessary to complete the assessment and migrate the workload to the cloud. Cloud assessment aids the organization in evaluating whether moving to the cloud is the right choice and also focuses on the benefits, risks, cost, and resources for cloud migration. Cloud assessment is the most crucial step before migrating the workload to the cloud environment.

Cloud assessment enables the organization to understand the unique application landscape, resources, and dependencies. It helps in listing out all the changes and requirements, and thus gives a clear picture of steps required to migrate to the cloud. Cloud assessment provides the enterprise with complete information about every scenario while migrating to cloud. Cloud assessment delivers various insights by assessing the IT inventory. With cloud assessment, migrating to cloud becomes extremely simple. 

How Cloud assessment helps businesses?

Cloud assessment provides the enterprise with complete infrastructure assessment to determine what data, applications, and other workload to migrate on cloud to make sense. Determine the time and budget of cloud migration at ease with Cloud assessment. Cloud assessment also suggests various approaches of cloud migration to help the enterprise decide which approach will be best suited. Cloud assessment simply gives a complete map to the organization to help the migration of databases and applications seamless. 

Cloud assessment provides the organization with complete IT inventory assessment including the software and hardware resources. It meticulously analyses all the VMs and provides a detailed analysis report stating the complete necessary requirements for moving the workload on cloud. Cloud assessment also provides the on-premise assessment, and provides a report stating whether moving to cloud is better or not. It helps the business clear various aspects, making decision making simple and quick. 

Cloud assessment helps the organization in comparing several cloud computing platforms, and decides which cloud environment will be best suitable for the organization’s needs, and also suggests the cost it will require. This gives the organization clear insights into migration. Furthermore, cloud assessment provides a complete timeline and roadmap for migration to the cloud so that the migration process follows that timeline and business processes do not get interrupted. Cloud assessment reduces the cost exponentially and opens up various doors for the organization for moving workload on the cloud. 

Click2Cloud's Cloud Intel: A complete assessment solution

Click2Cloud® is the leading cloud assessment and migration service provider. Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel aids the organization in seemingly assessing the IT inventory requirement, discovery, and cloud compare to evaluate the necessary resources for moving the workload to the cloud environment. Cloud Intel assessment tools are the initial step for cloud migration. It answers various questions for the organization including ‘what to do first and how to make it happen’. Cloud Intel is the one-stop solution for all the cloud assessment requirements. 

Cloud Intel enables the organization to move to cloud list all the virtual machines and physical servers, operating system on each machine, Configuration list of each machine including CPU, RAM, Storage, and utilization parameters like CPU utilization, disk utilization, memory utilization, and Network Input/Output. Based on all these parameters Cloud Intel facilitates the organization to identify the readiness of machines for various cloud environment through readiness report to the available cloud. It also provides the expenditure and saving the report.

Cloud Intel resolved various issues for the organization moving to the cloud. It provides a detailed Business Value Assessment report to enable the organization to move on to the cloud environment. Cloud Intel assess the infrastructure and collects the intel for different category manually and automatically to enable decision making simple while moving the workload on the cloud. With sufficient knowledge about the inventory and cost of source and destination, an organization can prepare the roadmap to migration by identifying the exact workload, and the team that can work in a decided timeline while migrating to the cloud. 

Facilities bundled with Cloud Intel

App and Infra
Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel assesses different resources that are on the organization’s cloud infrastructure. It also provides details of cloud resources including compute, storage, and network—comparing them with different cloud environment providers—helping the organization to decide the correct cloud environment quickly. 

Cloud Intel aids in discovering mainframe components that include Applications, Transaction Manager, Databases, Batch Environment, and Management Tools and provides suggestions & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for corresponding cloud components. 

SAP on Cloud
Cloud Intel performs discovery of the SAP environment and does a Gap analysis to inform the organization of the current state of the system and provides a report of cloud readiness. Cloud Intel can provide various suggestions regarding available resources on the cloud-based on existing SAP architecture. 

A data center is a physical facility that consolidates an organization’s shared IT infrastructure and operations for storing and processing data and applications. It contains the inventory of all the components that are necessary for the functioning of the IT unit including routers, switches, storage units, firewalls, Virtual machines, firewalls, and application delivery controllers. Cloud Intel is proficient in managing and listing down data center inventory. VMWare, HyperV, Lenovo Xclarity, and Redfish are some of the data center categories supported by Cloud Intel

Cloud Intel offers organizations security assessment by analyzing and assessing with no damage to infrastructure. 

Click2Cloud-Facilities bundled with Cloud Intel

Fig 1: Facilities bundled with Cloud Intel

Features of Cloud Intel

Cloud Intel allows the discovery organization’s data/inventory to facilitate decision-making on utilization of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS solutions. 

Cloud Intel assesses the server, application, and database, then generates a report that provides detailed analysis of existing infrastructure on-premise or on a different cloud platform.

Cloud Compare
Cloud Intel compares multiple cloud-based on computing, network cost, and storage to provide insightful graphical representation for better decision making for migration on the cloud. 

TCO and ROI Reports
Generates Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (RoI) report based on the information collected by performing Business Value Assessment. It helps in making favoring the organization’s investment.

Migration Roadmap and Timeline
Keeping TCO, Cloud Comparison, and Assessment Report in consideration, Cloud Intel provides a tentative timeline and roadmap for migration.

Deploy a list of inventories on the respective destination cloud automatically along with various scripts-based TCO and assessment reports. 

Click2Cloud-Features of Cloud Intel

Fig 2: Features of Cloud Intel

Benefits of Cloud Intel

  • Cloud Intel enables the organization to quickly decide whether to move the workload to cloud-based on graphically visual reports.
  • Tracks down existing system and provide insightful suggestions on available services on the cloud.
  • Based on the decision to move to the cloud, the organization can make the correct judgment to take the benefits of cloud computing including cost-saving, security, agility, flexibility, scalability, and performance. 
  • Based on the provided insights b Cloud Intel, if reports show lesser RoI for moving to the cloud, the organization can optimally utilize on-premise resources, saving the cloud cost and divert spending in building better products and services for end-user. 



To summarize, Cloud Intel is a one-stop solution for cloud assessment before migrating the workload on the cloud. Cloud environment provides improved performance and helps in saving money, and cloud assessment is the first step for the cloud migration journey. 


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