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19-Aug, 2022
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In today's digital world to gain competitive advantages in the market through digital transformation, more companies need to modernize their legacy systems.

In most cases, on-premises infrastructure includes outdated, inefficient, and incompatible third-party applications, so moving applications and data to modern systems is critical for any business. In addition to licensing challenges, companies face a lot of confusion over the choices, landing zone, security, costs, and how to collaborate securely in the cloud.

The Application & Database Modernization Assessment assesses your application and database portfolio from a technical and business perspective and assists you in app and data estate modernization, cloud readiness, capability, and code review process. 

Cloud Intel powered by Click2Cloud provides a discovery and assessment-based application and database modernization service that helps customers achieve significant cost savings, performance, security, and scalability benefits by modernizing applications and databases to the cloud.

Application and Database Modernization Assessment?

Application and Database Modernization Assessment help users identify incompatible and inefficient applications and databases that require priority attention. 

Many customers often need assistance in terms of modernization, it provides comprehensive assessment to modernize applications to Azure, including landing zone, architecture design, and business case. 

It assists in making the best use of current technologies, provides financial implications of cloud modernization, reduces risk, and ensures security.


Explore How Cloud Intel Powered by Click2Cloud Can Help You Assess Your Application and Database Modernization Needs

Cloud Intel powered by Click2Cloud is an assessment platform that offers modernization assessment for legacy applications and databases, it evaluates your current applications and databases, IT priorities, and recommends a strategy for modernization based on the 5R framework. 

Rehost, Refactor, Rebuild, Rearchitect and Replace (5R) strategy helps you build the foundation and achieve quick wins, optimize IT cost and enable new capabilities, app and data estate modernization and digital transformation and business innovation.

Cloud Intel provides a roadmap, summary of current environment, and an assessment of cloud readiness, which facilitates transparency and visibility and also delivers comprehensive graphical TCO and ROI that help to evolve your application and database.

The Advantages of Assessing Applications and Databases with Cloud Intel

  • Cloud Intel provides security assessments without damaging infrastructure
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • Performance at scale
  • Provides reliability and sustainability


Click2Cloud provides an end-to-end holistic approach to modernization of applications and databases to the cloud. Make your digital transformation journey hassle-free and empower the business to innovate, engage customers and employees, and grow revenue streams.

Start your Application and Database Modernization Assessment today with Click2Cloud solution assessment and industry specific solutions.

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