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29-Sep, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Cloud Security Assessment with Cloud Intel

The advent of cloud computing in the 21st century has made cloud applications an essential part of business today. These cloud technologies help modern digital infrastructures reduce costs, improve agility, and simplify operations.

Unfortunately, the cloud also creates a wide range of new security threats that expose your crucial assets and workloads to hackers.

Cybersecurity skills are in short supply; cloud security skills are even harder to find because cloud security requires a thorough understanding of technologies that intersect and overlap with the cloud, such as virtualization, networking, software development, DevOps, cyber kill chains, incident response phases, and cyberattack frameworks.

The question is no longer whether the cloud is inherently secure, it is rather whether our use of the cloud is secure and how do we manage cyber risks?

You must find a way to map, measure, and manage these risks to drive secure digital transformation.

Cloud Intel, powered by Click2Cloud, helps you do just that with its Cloud Security Assessment solution.

Our Approach

Cloud Intel’s CSA solution helps you to protect your data and workloads in the cloud, ensure reliable access to your cloud assets, and help you dive into a secure and confident digital transformation.

How Can Cloud Intel's Cloud Security Assessment Solution Help You Mitigate Your Cyber Risks?

An assessment solution from Cloud Intel measures your cloud risk against industry standards in a practical, proven, and reliable manner. It enables you to get a clear picture of your cloud-based risks and how to reduce them systematically.

The Cloud Intel performs a deep dive on every aspect of your cloud security. It provides you with detailed reports that present both technical and non-technical perspectives, as well as short-and long-term recommendations for improvement based on the analysis of the collected data.

A comprehensive range of crystallizing assessment from Cloud Intel assists you with developing actionable strategies, clear security improvement plans, and concrete next steps.

Cloud Intel's Cloud Security Assessment Key Benefits

  • Provides a quantified snapshot of your current state
  • Makes your risk management strategies more effective
  • Provides a clear cloud security roadmap
  • Improves your regulatory compliance 
  • Provides updated policies and procedures


Solve your biggest security risks today with Cloud Intel's Cloud Security Assessment solution to protect your cloud and accelerate secure digital transformation.

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