Contract Optimization Assessment with Cloud Intel

09-Sep, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Contract Optimization Assessment with Cloud Intel

Most businesses rely heavily on contracts for several different departments. Unfortunately, with the rise of the cloud, IT contracts are becoming increasingly complex. To avoid the high chance of something falling by the wayside, it is crucial to analyze every licensing agreement.

Click2Cloud’s assessment platform provides a complete view of your current assets, makes it easier for you to understand contractual obligations, and lets you plan investments in the future. 

Contract Optimization Assessment 

Contract Optimization Assessment provides customers with a comprehensive view of their Microsoft products deployment and associated licensing positions. The purpose of this assessment is to help customers optimize their software investments to achieve their strategic business goals.

When to Use This Assessment?

Use Contract Optimization Assessment when you are concerned about: 

  • A starting point for your journey to the cloud
  • Transition costs of legacy infrastructure and the cloud
  • Which workloads should be migrated first?
  • Uncertainty around how to achieve optimal use of current technologies
  • The complexity of multiple licensing instruments
  • The difficulty of making a licensing decision that fits your needs

Why Contract Optimization Assessment?

With the Contract Optimization Assessment, you will get a complete understanding of your Microsoft contract licensing costs and how they align with your current deployments. 

This assessment maximizes the effectiveness of your technology investments and boosts the growth and innovation of your organization. 

Assessment enables organizations to choose the most suitable license agreement, analyze the software costs, and choose the best corporate agreement.

Discover How Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel can Help You Set Your Path Forward with Contract Optimization Assessment

Cloud Intel powered by Click2Cloud provides a comprehensive assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, including cloud/hybrid environments of branches and divisions. 

With Cloud Intel, you can gain insight into legacy systems and software licensing, understand how to utilize current technology best, and make licensing decisions tailored to the needs of your customers.

A Cloud Intel assessment can help you to improve your total cost of ownership by assessing cloud licensing opportunities and streamlining the contracting process through the consolidation of multiple licenses.

An assessment provided by Cloud Intel helps customers compare the costs of different solutions and select the best corporate agreement that fits their needs best.


At Click2Cloud, we offer an end-to-end holistic approach to help customers understand their Microsoft contract, and licensing position, and to optimize their investments. 

Start Your Contract Optimization Assessment Now with Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel!

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