Cloud migration scenarios that aid in cost-cutting using Clouds Brain

18-Aug, 2021
click2cloud blogs- Cloud migration scenarios that aid in cost-cutting using Clouds Brain

Cloud computing is picking up the pace replacing the traditional methods of storing the data, accessing, and running the applications. Cloud migration is the process to shift the existing data, applications, and other business elements from data centers or one cloud to other cloud environments for better scaling. Organizations are shifting their businesses on cloud for more speed and agility. Migration to cloud gives the organization limitless computing resources.  

Migration of data and application onto the cloud improves the efficiency and scalability of applications. Cyber incidents that can cause loss of data is reduced by migration on cloud. Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain supports leading cloud computing environments like Microsoft Azure Stack, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud Services, ApsaraStack, OpenStack, and Huawei Cloud, etc. These platforms provide a secure cloud computing platform with impeccable performance and flawless experience. 

Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain

Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain is a multi-cloud management platform to enable users in managing operations onto multiple cloud infrastructure to keep up with increasing demand of cloud computing services including cloud migration, relational database, computer storage, and many more. 
Migration involves intricate processes, thanks to Cloud Intel, an cloud assessment platform that that helps in discovery of IT inventory, assess the inventory, collection of the intel of various categories manually and automatically to help you decide in moving your workload onto the cloud. 
Clouds Brain procedures and automation tools aids in reducing the cost, while ensuring a security-rich experience. Clouds Brain makes it possible to migrate all the data and applications smoothly without the risk of business disruption to make the business agile, competitive, and flexible with enhanced security, compliance, and performance. 

Clouds Brain migration scenarios

Clouds Brain migration caters to all the requirements of moving on the cloud including database migration, infrastructure migration, virtual/bare metal migration, and file migration. Clouds Brain Migration Studio® is designed to work with the world’s leading multi-cloud providers like Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure Stack, Alibaba Cloud Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Huawei Public Cloud. Migrating to the cloud has multifaceted scenarios and Clouds Brain goes hand in hand with all the scenarios listed below for broader understanding.

Seven Cloud Migration Scenarios with Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain

7 Cloud Migration Scenarios with Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain

Cloud-to-Cloud Migration 

Cloud-to-Cloud Migration is the process of shifting physical or virtual machines and data along with their associated configuration, OS, applications, and storage from one cloud computing provider to another. While switching from one cloud provider to another cloud provider, the organization must consider the cost of movement. Security and flexibility also play a major factor in Cloud-to-Cloud migration. Some Cloud-to-Cloud migration provides a new cloud environment replacing the old cloud environment for custom applications. 

Virtual-to-Cloud Migration

Virtual-to-Cloud migration refers to the process of moving virtual machines to cloud computing platforms without disconnecting or shutting down the customer’s applications. Virtual-to-cloud migration with Clouds Brain migrates all the Application Configuration, Operating System, Data, and Instances to the cloud seamlessly without any data loss and disruption in the process. The key advantage of virtual-to-cloud migration is that it provides an agile solution for business processes with an enhanced level of security. 

Database-to-Cloud Migration

Database-to-Cloud migration is the process of shifting the on-premise resources like data, applications, and other resources to cloud computing platforms. Migrating the database to cloud computing platforms enables the applications to run smoothly and efficiently in a cloud computing environment. Clouds Brain supports database to cloud migration on leading multi-cloud platform providers including Microsoft Azure Stack, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service, Alibaba Cloud Services, Huawei Public Cloud, ApsaraStack, and OpenStack for a smoother experience and better performance of customers applications.

Storage-to-Cloud Migration

Storage to cloud migration is the method of moving the data in the storage on the cloud computing platform to deliver a smooth and efficient performance of the customer application. Clouds Brain ensures that all the data, application, and configurations of the customer is migrated to cloud from the storage seamlessly without the disruption of the processes. Migration from storage to cloud can be scheduled or can be immediate. Clouds Brain overcomes all the challenges while migrating the data & applications from storage to cloud computing platforms. 

Physical-to-Cloud Migration

Physical servers can be migrated to a cloud computing platform to achieve better performance of the applications and improve the overall efficiency. Clouds Brain provides the tools that are used to execute the migration process from physical servers to cloud computing platforms. Migrating the applications from physical servers to cloud computing platforms ensures the efficient use of services and is an extremely cost-effective solution. Physical to cloud migration also provides limitless access to the applications and reduces the risk of service downtime. 

Virtual-to-Virtual Migration

Virtual to virtual migration is the migration between two different virtualized systems. Virtual to virtual migration includes the migration of operating systems, application programs & their instances, and data from one virtual machine to another virtual machine. Migration of virtual machines can be single or multiple systems. Clouds Brain empowers the customer to migrate all the data, applications, and configurations from one virtual machine to another without any risk of disruption. 

Infra Migration

Infra migration refers to the process of migration of infrastructure to cloud platforms. The movement of the physical infrastructure to a cloud computing platform increases the efficiency and performance of the applications. Migration of infra to cloud with Clouds Brain results in reduced operational cost, improved business agility, boost workforce productivity, and better performance of customer applications. Cloud Brain supports all the major leading cloud computing platforms like GCP, Huawei Cloud, ACS, AWS, and Microsoft Azure Stack. 

Lift and Shift Migration

Life and shift migration is a straightforward strategy to move all the applications directly from on-premise to cloud computing platforms with minuscule or no change. Clouds Brain helps the customer in migration with lift and shift strategy without any change in architecture. Migrating to cloud computing platforms ensures that there are benefits including increased efficiency, agility, and scalability once the workload runs on the cloud. Lift and shift migration provide the same level of security that of on-premise. 

Benefits of Clouds Brain Migration

  • Migration with Clouds Brain ensures that the deployment process is quick from on-premise, database, Virtual Machines, Infra, File Storage, or BareMetal to the cloud in just a few clicks. 
  • Clouds Brain migration supports fast optimization of repeated process, rapid application deployment, and server provisioning.
  • Clouds Brain provides multi-cloud migration with multiple migration scenarios on AWS, Azure, Alibaba, OTC, Huawei, and GCP
  • Migration with Clouds Brain ensures that the security is uncompromised and also enhances productivity.


To put it laconically, Clouds Brain assimilates the obstacles in migration on cloud computing platforms and mitigates these obstacles to ensure that cloud migration is achieved smoothly. Clouds Brain’s migration takes care of all the requirements of migration to the cloud on leading cloud computing platforms. 

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