Launch of Click2Cloud's Clouds Brain In Alibaba Market Place

02-Dec, 2020
click2cloud blogs- Launch of Click2Cloud's Clouds Brain In Alibaba Market Place

It's an honour to announce Click2Cloud’s collaboration with Alibaba Cloud with the launch of Clouds Brain in Alibaba Marketplace. Clouds Brain is one more smart and multi-talented solution to meet the ever-rising demand of cloud computing services encompassing compute, storage, cloud migration, relational databases and many more.

Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain is a multi-cloud management platform which helps you to manage multiple cloud operations.

Different modules of Clouds Brain are as follows: - 

•    Cloud -intel dashboard
•    Compute
•    Migration
•    Storage
•    Cost manager
•    Orchestration.

Clouds Brain launch in Alibaba Market
Fig: 1 Clouds Brain launch in Alibaba Market


Let us have a brief walkthrough of different features in Clouds Brain

Cloud Intel

The primary action for any cloud migration journey is assessment. It is very important for an end user to have right sizing information and identify the readiness of their machine for any cloud.
Being an assessment platform Cloud Intel identifies your IT inventory and evaluates it, to make decisions on the movement of your workloads to the cloud. It also enables you to identify the readiness of your machines for any selected cloud via readiness report with respect to the available cloud.
Cloud Intel also provides utilization parameters that give right sizing information for each machine and thus makes it convenient for an optimized solution on the cloud which saves on user’s expenditure too.


It is challenging to manage multiple cloud accounts operations manually. Clouds Brain Compute feature has all the capabilities to manage such workarounds seamlessly. User can check the details such as flavours, availability zones, instances, networks, cloud volumes, security group details of added cloud accounts. 
Under compute’s Cloud Infra Studio, user can get the information about providers, clusters, hosts, VM, resource pool, data stores, PXE, networking & topology. Whereas Physical Infrastructure provides information about providers, topology, racks, servers, storage, switches & chassis.

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, databases, storage, infrastructure and business applications into other cloud computing environment. Using Clouds Brain Migration Studio, user can perform different infrastructure migrations such as Cloud to Cloud, Virtual to Cloud, Database to Cloud, Storage to Cloud, Physical to Cloud, Virtual to also provides migration log reports, migration notification reports, application discovery, etc.

It is divided into object storage and blocks storage. Storage module allows user to perform various operations on object storage service for different cloud vendor and on-premise block storage devices. 
Object Storage management apply lifecycle policies on smart buckets to save the cost of data to be stored for long term. 
In block storage management, user can create volumes, take snapshots, attach those volumes to VMs and several other operations.

Cost Manager
Cost Manager is an absolute cost management tool that helps enterprises to cut back on spending and helps to gain better perceptibility and efficiency. Cost Manager helps the organization to manage cloud costs depending on resource usage.
It is divided into billing, optimization and budget management. 

The smart orchestration module has been integrated with Cloud Brain to simplify cloud resource management and automate cloud resources which a user can create, delete or modify by using a simple JSON template. Orchestration template is a text file in JSON format which can be compiled directly by the user. As per this JSON template, user can create and configure their resources for automatic deployment, maintenance and operations.
Orchestrations manage the interconnection and interaction amongst workloads on public and private clouds. It provides high availability, scalability, disaster recovery, and numerous other tasks into a single module that can effectively reduce team efforts. Fig 7 depicts one scenario of orchestration. 

Cloud users and providers can use Clouds Brain for its phenomenal features to manage their services and operations seamlessly. It offers smart modules such as compute, migration, storage, cost manager, orchestration and many more to manage multi-clouds operations for GCP, Azure, Alibaba, Huawei, Orange, OpenStack etc.

With such amazing cloud platform, it’s a pleasure for click2cloud’s team to launch Clouds Brain in Alibaba Marketplace to raise the bars of cloud computing!
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