Evaluate the Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization and Billing through Clouds Brain

04-Jun, 2021
click2cloud blogs- Evaluate the Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization and Billing through Clouds Brain

We’ve been working with multiple customers across multiple regions for multi-cloud vendors like Alibaba, Azure, Softbank, GCP, AWS, Huawei, and many more. Click2Cloud, a multi-cloud management product-based company offers you with a fully automated product “Clouds Brain”

The Clouds Brain is a multi-functionality, multi-cloud support product that not only provides you services for migration and containerization but also seamlessly   helps to evaluate your multi-cloud cost optimization and billing.

This blog will give you a complete understanding on billing, budget, and cloud cost optimization. Cloud cost management is as important as knowing your bills. It is important to know your cloud spends and which cloud offers you a good service at minimal costs. Click2Cloud also offers you a semi-automated assessment platform “Cloud Intel” to support you with assessment and migration plan

Here are a few of the top challenges that enterprises experience while managing cloud costs in the multi-cloud platform:

Lack of Visibility – Many organizations are struggling due to a lack of visibility of cloud resource utilization. It is difficult to know how much cloud resource is being used and its distribution model. When an enterprise does not have a complete view of what they own, it’s nearly impossible to determine key performance metrics or understand how these tools contributed to the proper utilization of cloud resources.

Unpredictable Costs – Unpredictable cost is the biggest challenge that goes hand in hand with lack of visibility. It is very difficult to handle monthly expenditure when your organization is not aware of how cloud-based cost is rising.

Many enterprises are facing these issues and hesitating to use the cloud. These problems can be solved with the help of Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain.

Clouds Brain’s Cost Manager is an ideal cost management tool that helps enterprises to cut back on spending and simplifies the process to gain better visibility and efficiency.
Click2Cloud’s Cost Manager helps the organization to manage cloud costs depending on resource usage. It provides the facility of Billing and Optimization. Billing helps to know about the cost of all services like compute, storage, network, database, application, infrastructure, etc. for multi-cloud accounts, and gives the detailed invoice report of all these services which includes count, price, unit of each resources. Also, it gives you price details about the coupons + discount, tax, and the actual cost of each account.

Multi-cloud cost optimization is helpful in providing the correct and efficient cloud resources to your applications. It helps with cost savings and enhances productivity Click2Cloud’s Cost Manager tool offer you with predictability, control, visibility, optimization, and the extensibility which maintains the overall cloud costs.

Any organization can easily manage overall cloud cost spend depending upon the organization’s daily, monthly, and annual resource usage depending upon resource utilization.
Check out the video for more understanding on Clouds Brain cost management.

Features of Cost Manager Tool

  1. It helps users to manage and know the cost of different cloud providers depending on their resource usage.
  2. Clouds Brain Cost Manager tool gives cloud cost information of multiple cloud, and budget estimates.
  3. Generate detailed reports on cost trends, prediction, and cost analysis of all clouds.
  4. A detailed report of multiple clouds spends help in budget management.
  5. It provides a detailed report of all the created instances by resources.

Advantages of Click2Cloud’s Cost Manager Tool

  1. Predictability: The Cost Manager tool helps businesses to properly forecast their cloud computing needs.
  2. Cost Analytics: Apart from graphical representation it also provides detailed report of all cloud resource spends.
  3. Optimize Cloud Efficiency: With the help of continuous optimization of cloud efficiency, this tool ensures cloud investment with better decision making.
  4. Saves Time: With predictive analysis, the Cost Manager saves the analysis time as it gives complete detailed reports about past usage.

Click2Cloud's Cost Manager with multiple features helps you to have a better report of your multi-cloud spend. With cost analytics, TCO, budget, and optimization, it provides an overall monthly and annual cloud report. 

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