Right-Sizing recommendations to optimize your cloud resources

08-Nov, 2021
click2cloud blogs- Right-Sizing recommendations to optimize your cloud resources

Businesses of every shape and size heavily rely on the internet. Cloud and internet are interoperated technologies. Businesses move to cloud for multiple benefits including cost cutting, agility, and operational benefits. They can easily cut infrastructural costs by moving their workload to a cloud environment. Cloud providers often offer various services to organizations after moving their workload on cloud. Also, security on cloud environment is superior to that of on-prem infrastructure. 

However, moving workload on cloud infrastructure is beneficial, the challenges that businesses face is choosing the right amount of resource, ensuring that it is enough to handle variable load, and overpayment of unused resources. Over provisioning causes waste of the public cloud environment. These challenges occur as enterprises move their applications directly from on-prem to cloud by replicating the existing VM resource allocation without strategic planning to determine if the application needs all these resources. These challenges have tricky and complex solutions, and to address these challenges Right-Sizing is the perfect solution.

What is Right-Sizing?

Right-Sizing is the process of reserving cloud computing instances such as containers, VMs, or Bare Metal with enough resources (RAM, CPU, storage, & network) to accomplish sufficient performance at lowest cost possible. It allows the enterprise to optimize cloud infrastructure, performance, and cost-efficiency. It ensures that enterprise is getting the most of its cloud infrastructure with minimum spending. Right-Sizing provides deep predictive analysis of workload patterns, delivering enterprises the insights to optimally leverage cloud resources by reducing operational risks and costs.  

Click2Cloud-What is Right-Sizing?

Right-Sizing of Cloud Infrastructure with Cost Manager by Click2Cloud®

Cost Manager by Click2Cloud® is a billing and cost management platform that aids your enterprise in saving expenditure cost of cloud infrastructure, and simplify the process to gain better visibility and efficiency. It offers features such as budget management, billing, alert management, Right-Sizing, consumption, and optimization. It helps you in comparing cloud costs across multiple cloud and service providers. Right-Sizing feature in Cost Manager enables your organization in matching cloud workloads to underlying cloud infrastructure to minimize wastage of resources. It helps your organization in deep predictive analysis and provide recommendations to optimize your cloud resources.

Many organization lack visibility and transparency of cloud resource utilization. With Right-Sizing, organizations can gain insights of resources that are idle, under-utilized, or not necessary for the applications to run efficiently. It helps in minimizing the resources, giving them options to reduce operational cost. With granular data, Right-Sizing feature helps in recommending your organization how to safely right-size cloud instances or modernize current instances. Right-Sizing also provides elasticity to your infrastructure to match the workload as needed, as it scales up and down whenever needed so that your organization is not stuck with one size. 

Benefits of Right-Sizing 

Right-Sizing of cloud infrastructure can help your organization in:

  • Reducing the operational costs and save up-to 40% cloud expenditure. 
  • In improving the resource and performance utilization.
  • In gaining better visibility and accountability of the resources used.
  • Determining the number of cloud resources required for your organization.
  • Reducing the number of resources that remain idle and results in wastages of resources.
  • In estimating the monthly, quarterly, and annual cost that helps in planning your overall cloud budget.

Wrap Up

It is easy to lose track of underutilized and unused resources. Right-Sizing helps in identifying these resources resulting in reduction in operational cost of your organization. It is the common method to eliminate all unnecessary expenditure for betterment of the organization. Right-Sizing perfectly addresses both the issues of overallocation and under allocation of resources. 

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