Migrate On-Premise Workload on Alibaba Cloud for your Business-Critical Needs Using Clouds Brain

03-Sep, 2020
Migrate On-Premise Workload on Alibaba Cloud for your Business-Critical Needs Using Clouds Brain


Most organizations have on-premise infrastructure/applications burdened with high capital expenses, complex management, scalability challenges, and hardware that needs to be replaced every 3-5 years.

Maintaining existing on-premise infrastructure results in increased operational process and drains IT budgets for organizations that are already cost, and resource-strapped.

With these on-premise challenges, enterprise IT organizations wants to move to the Alibaba cloud and away from the traditional, costly lifecycle of buying, managing, and replacing on-premise hardware, software, services, and networking.

Successfully migrating to the cloud requires a lot of attention from enterprises. Below are some of the challenges that businesses face associated with cloud migration:


Financial justification for cloud migration.
• Skill Set and Resource Capacity.
• Planning a cloud migration strategy.
• Breaking down your cloud migration into stages.
• Security and compliance considerations.
Benefits of Migrating On-Premise workload to Alibaba Cloud:
1. Inventory generation
The most successful cloud migrations begin with a detailed discovery of source infra.
It includes inventory generation for a number of databases, servers, containers, operating systems, applications, load balancers, etc. with a comparison between source and destination in terms of security cost, downtime, performance, and reliability.

  1. Financial justification (TCO and ROI)
    Cost estimation of source and destination including, TCO, ROI, NPV, IRR calculations with 5 years financial justification for source and destination report is generated. The amount of savings and payback duration is also calculated.
  2. Optimization Planning
    Auto rightsizing of resources for destination clouds, suggestions, and optimization plans for cost savings.
  3. Migration Plan and Support
    Validating target cloud and preparing a full-fledged migration plan with risk assessment, recommendations, and performance matrix. Executing end to end migration with additional support.
  4. Additional benefits
    Allows multiple migrations simultaneously.
    Reduces time & cost.
    Operational Efficiency.
    Reduces Infra Complexity.

On-premise workload (applications, VMs, files, folders, databases) to be migrated on Alibaba cloud of your choice using CloudsBrain.

Fig: Migration scenario of CloudsBrain


Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain migration feature is an 80% automated offering with managed service and support.
CloudsBrain migration feature works seamlessly with Alibaba cloud providers and associated services.
The above figure depicts the migration scenario of CloudsBrain for Alibaba cloud. Selecting source cloud and Alibaba as destination cloud with account details and applying migration is what you need to do. With a couple of selections and few clicks, one can shift the on-premise database, applications, VMs to destination Alibaba cloud.


Migrating Alibaba cloud through CloudsBrain is an ideal solution for migration needs to become agile, competitive with reduced server footprint, and improved performance without risking business disruption, security, compliance, and performance.

You can also see the video for more understanding of the CloudsBrain Migration module. This video describes AWS to Alibaba migration using CloudsBrain.

One can also visit us at for more detailed information about CloudsBrain and its multi-functionality feature usage.

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