OpsDesk service for managing infrastructure deployment

17-May, 2019
click2cloud blogs- OpsDesk service for managing infrastructure deployment

OpsDesk Service will manage infrastructure deployment for cloud administrators. The service will automate deployment configurations and operational tasks for distributed applications. With OpsDesk service, cloud administrators and developers will be able to define the infrastructure and resource configuration such as storage and database options and then select the operating system and instance type on which to deploy the application. OpsDesk is a configuration management service that helps you configure and operate applications in a cloud enterprise by using Chef. OpsDesk Stacks and OpsDesk for Chef Automate let you use Chef cookbooks and solutions for configuration management.

Architecture for OpsDesk Service:

Architecture for OpsDesk Service-Click2Cloud


  1. Workstation’s source: It consists of the Chef cookbooks and application repositories.
  2. Click2Cloud automation tool: Fetching source data and performing the configuration management using chef cookbook and application deployment using app repository.
  3. Click2Cloud automation: It will automate, configure and deploy resources on Huawei cloud.

End to End scenario of OpsDesk:

End to End scenario of OpsDesk-Click2Cloud

OpsDesk stack will provide simple and flexible way to create and manage stacks and application. By using OpsDesk stack user can manage cloud resources in specialized groups called layers. A layer represents a set of instances that serve a purpose such as serving applications or hosting a database server. Layers will depend on chef recipes that handle task such as installing packages on instances, deploying apps and running scripts. The project OpsDesk for Huawei would cover the development, testing and implementation of OpsDesk Service that will automate the process of configuration management and application deployment. OpsDesk service will use chef-solo framework.


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