Automates the Deployment of Applications with CI/CD Pipeline

16-Jun, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Automates the Deployment of Applications with CI/CD Pipeline

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a powerful tool for automating code builds, automation tests, and deployment to desired environments. You can host, build, test, and plan your code with Azure DevOps. CI/CD enables the deployment of applications on any cloud and platform.

A CI/CD pipeline is a series of steps that are used to implement a new version of software. The CI/CD pipeline is a practice that automates software development throughout the software development life cycle.


What is the CI/CD Pipeline?

CI/CD is the backbone of DevOps, where the developer and IT operations teams cooperate to deploy new software. Automation reduces human error and creates a standard for releasing software.

CI/CD pipelines contain multiple tasks at each stage. A pipeline usually begins with the build stage, during which software code is developed. To reduce the time and effort required to test new code, automated tools and techniques are most often used.

To evaluate the new code, the organization deploys it to production and evaluates it based on its specific requirements. The application is also compared to security and vulnerability requirements as an additional method of ensuring compliance.


The Advantages of CI/CD Pipeline

  • Efficiency in Development
  • Improved and Enhanced Maintenance
  • Competitive, Effective Products
  • Operational Support


Why CI/CD Pipeline?

Cloud applications can scale up or down at any time and are subject to constant change. Therefore, DevOps teams use CI/CD pipelines for cloud development and maintenance. As well as helping teams meet traffic demands quickly, CI/CD also keeps cloud applications secure by automatically updating them with the latest security threats.

As code developed by different teams can be integrated and deployed in an incremental manner, CI/CD workflows bring the true value of agile.


CI/CD Pipeline with Click2Cloud

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines rely heavily on the storage layer. For enterprise-scale deployments, Click2Cloud CI/CD pipelines ensure agility and data efficiency. By reducing CI/CD costs, enhancing agility, and delivering products faster, Click2Cloud helps reduce project costs.

Agile development is facilitated by CI/CD pipelines. The cost of persistent storage and test copies is still a concern when using Kubernetes-based environments. With Click2Cloud, you can reduce those costs and speed up your pipelines by integrating with Azure DevOps.



With Azure DevOps, you can host, build, plan, and test your code. Through CI/CD pipeline automation, Windows container applications can be built through Azure DevOps. Additionally, you are able to create Resource Groups, Azure Container Registry, Azure Kubernetes Service, Storage Accounts, Azure SQL Server, SQL Databases, and Schema in Databases.

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