Cloud Intel-A Game Changer for the Media Industry

05-Aug, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Cloud Intel-A Game Changer for the Media Industry

Media is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, delivering cutting-edge media content globally. Increasingly, consumers are tech-savvy and expect to consume media data on a variety of devices. The media company sets up a large number of servers in their datacenter in order to provide uninterrupted services to their customers. Hence, maintaining legacy applications, storage of data, compliance, security threats, data management, on-prem infra maintenance, and cost optimization are difficult for the media industry.

To tackle the difficulties, it is necessary for the media sector to move the workload to the cloud. But fears of workload downtime, loss of visibility, migration failure, and data security come across as obstacles. 

To migrate media data, it is important for the media to identify the running applications and link between the servers, assess the online media streaming applications without affecting their performance, choose the right cloud provider, cloud scalability, and data compliance, and prioritize the large number of servers available in the datacenter.

One of the world’s leading discovery and assessment platforms, Cloud Intel powered by Click2Cloud, ensures to make it possible.


The Benefits of Cloud Intel

  • Cloud Intel provides discovery and assessment without damaging infrastructure
  • Better migration strategy by identifying and mapping workloads
  • Cloud Intel provides a cost-effective solution for storing media data
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • Sustainability
  • Analyzes on-prem infrastructure to generate TCO and ROI reports
  • Organize and handle data efficiently
  • An improved customer experiences

Explore How Cloud Intel is a Game Changer for the Media Industry

Cloud Intel helps the media industry with discovery and application profiling by thoroughly and securely assessing their datacenter. Cloud Intel helps to identify the workloads and their mapping for better migration strategy planning. It provides various insights of on-prem infra and assists in determining whether they should move their workloads to the cloud and prioritizing workloads for migration. 

The media industry can make informed decisions based on comprehensive TCO and ROI reports provided by Cloud Intel. By accessing data/applications comprehensively, it provides TCO estimates for building a detailed cloud migration strategy. 

Cloud Intel helps the media industry to identify the running applications and link them between the servers; to assess the online media streaming applications without affecting their performance; and to prioritize the large number of servers available in the datacenter. 

It supports infra modernization, data modernization, legacy application modernization, data warehouse migration, and cybersecurity assessment that enables the media industry to achieve media goals. 

Cloud Intel features such as discovery, assessment, cloud cost comparison, TCO/ROI analysis, and orchestration help the media industry overcome the fears of workload downtime, loss of visibility, migration failure, data security, and cost optimization.

The Cloud Intel’s potential to optimize operations, improve governance, transparency, and visibility helps the media industry expand its business globally and improve business agility.


Why Click2Cloud...?

With products and services such as Cloud Intel and Innovation Factory, Click2Cloud offers automated solutions for cloud assessment and digital transformation to Media Industry. Click2Cloud works with Microsoft account teams to implement Solution Assessments, PoC, and Pilots for media customers using its AI and ML-based products and services.

Click2Cloud’s cross-industry insights, end-end digital expertise, and privileged access to Microsoft can help media industry adapt quickly to meet the increasingly virtual needs of their customers, employees, and partners and to sustain growth through continuous innovation.

Click2Cloud brings together workflows, APIs, and industry-specific standards with Microsoft industry cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure, Power platforms, and security solutions. These enable media industry to deliver value faster, proactively adapt to innovation, and build for the future.



The Cloud Intel platform enables the media industry to obtain insights about data, servers, and applications in their datacenter. Cloud Intel, powered by Click2Cloud, assists the media industry in gaining a complete view of their IT inventory, datacenter servers, and workload deployment.

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