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24-Mar, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Modernize your Application and Assess it via Cloud Intel-Click2Cloud®

The entire world is evolving digitally. So, every application requires an infrastructure to include its framework and programming languages. This is when application modernization is being practiced. Application modernization is a process of updating older software for newer computing approaches including infrastructure platforms. It is like renovating an old structure into a new one. 

Why modernize legacy applications?

Modernize legacy applications-Click2Cloud

Fig: Modernize legacy applications.


It is of no use if the companies software is becoming outdated. Every organization has to face this sooner or later. Before your system becomes junk, it is important to implement application modernization solutions. This keeps your system working smoothly and for a longer period of time.

In addition to keeping up with the changing market, the applications need to be robust enough to provide good customer experiences.

To understand application modernization better, it is a process of rebuilding your old legacy application with its features, architecture, and platform infrastructure. One of the major reasons why organizations are migrating towards application modernization is to add and update old and out-of-date systems with updated applications and utilities. It is not necessary to invest in third-party integrations every now and then. Anyway, a modernized application like Cloud Intel allows you to do that aptly. The Cloud Intel helps in assessing virtual machines, physical servers, applications, databases, storage, and network environments. It provides a detailed report on system configuration, cloud readiness, system utilization, and right-sizing parameters of each virtual machine. It also generates a Business Value Assessment report that defines a roadmap for migrating various workloads onto the cloud.

Why you must modernize your IT system using Cloud Intel?

Running an outdated version of an application may cause many issues and challenges, especially when the system can’t align with business goals. Additionally, legacy applications store bugs and errors over time. As a result, businesses may have to face frustration from employees and end-users. Also, there is a security risk that doesn’t integrate with new technology. Due to this, the system is unstable and inefficient. Lack of information results in incompatibility to meet customer needs. This is too costly to manage and lacks user-friendliness.

Also, it is not easy to find a solution that integrates or is cost-effective. Thus, modernizing legacy systems through Cloud Intel is the apt solution to engage and bring new customers on board. Furthermore, it has multiple benefits like saving capital and time.

These are a few issues addressed by the legacy systems. Now let’s have a look at how application modernization can help overcome these issues.

Benefits of Application Modernization:

Benefits of Application Modernization-Click2Cloud

Fig: Benefits of Application Modernization


1. It is flexible to create new features and services
With changing technology and trends, it becomes vital to change and update new policies. However, when the outdated legacy system becomes obsolete, it becomes tedious to meet both businesses’ and modern customers’ needs.

During such crises, Application modernization, one of the services by Cloud Intel helps and supports the new business with the power to create new characteristics to ensure that legacy applications continue to provide value to your business.

2. Helps in increasing employee’s productivity
In this digital age, everyone wants to stay on top of the latest technologies. But, if you still work with obsolete technology, it becomes tough to satisfy your staff and customers. This can impact their productivity.

Using new and modernized applications like Cloud Intel, the developers and administrative staff can have access to modern technology. Which in turn is more productive than before.     

3. Get rid of technical issues
The outdated systems contain issues like bugs and errors, increased maintenance costs, and lacks scalability. It is too time-consuming which affects the overall technical budget.

As the cost increases, maintenance cost increases too. Through modernization alone, operational costs rise up to 13%. Cloud Intel boosts their revenue by 14% and even more. 

4. Improve customer experience
To stand out from the crowd, it is essential to offer competitive services and products. It is important to satisfy the customer and for this customer experience is as essential as price. This is where Cloud Intel helps. 

Although, it is the customer who suffers due to outdated legacy applications. Hence, providing a fast and efficient solution for such applications is a bit challenging.

With modern applications like Cloud Intel, you can take advantage of the cloud environment. It is easier to recover all the data and information whenever required. Through this, your customers can navigate easily through your system.

5. Enhance security measures
The need to enhance security measures and monitor and upgrade as the latest cyber threats evolve is evident. A reliable security system protects your organization from cyber-attacks where you lose your customer’s essential data. 

On the other hand, cloud-native applications like Cloud Intel offer in-line security features that are timely and cost-effective. Thus, it becomes effortless as compared to legacy applications.

6. Helps in increasing revenue streams
The legacy system is not flexible enough as modern applications. Application modernization helps businesses to increase their revenue by expanding their businesses. This can be done by adding value to the needs of the customer. As a result, it is difficult to make profitable changes. Cloud Intel reduces customer/enterprise expenditure.

For your business to succeed, you need to add features, services, or functions that increase revenue. Organizations are trusting our products and services and hence we are emerging as the best cloud service provider in the digital market. 


With Cloud Intel, it has become easier to implement the exact modernization strategy for applications. Our robust and flexible approach allows to develop applications and manage them securely. Looking forward to modernizing your applications? Get started with a Click2Cloud account today!

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