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06-May, 2019
click2cloud blogs- Cloud-to-Cloud Migration using Click2Cloud's Multi-Cloud Management Platform - Clouds Brain

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. A cloud migration could also demand moving data and applications from one cloud platform or provider to another known as cloud-to-cloud migration.


Why Cloud Migration?

Business need to move to cloud to become agile, competitive and flexible but at a same time this need to be done without risking business disruption, security, compliance and performance.

60% of companies already migrating their workload to the cloud. As per the current survey 83% Of Enterprise workloads will be in the Cloud by 2020.


Cloud Migration Approach:

Regardless of cloud providers or destination cloud, size and level of complexity of source infrastructure Click2Cloud help you in cloud migration. Our standard procedures, automation tools can help you to reduce the cost, improve consistency and efficiency, and ensure you are security-rich and compliant across your business. With over 100,000 migrations completed, Click2Cloud can help you successfully migrate your workloads to the cloud.

Click2Cloud Cloud Brain platform allows you to migrate your workload from any leading cloud provider to other leading cloud provider.

Currently we are supporting;

  • Amazon web services (AWS)
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Alibaba
  • Huawei public cloud

Similarly, on private cloud side we are supporting;

  • OpenStack
  • ApsaraStack (Alibaba private cloud).

Why Cloud Migration? click2cloud


We’d like to share some business advantages of Cloud to Cloud Migration, which helps you to understand we why should use Click2Cloud Cloud Brain platform;

  • Migrate workload across Public and Private cloud environment.
  • A tightly integrated solution CMP (Cloud Management Platform).
  • Improvement in migration process, No manual errors due to automation.
  • Can run parallel migrations, to reducing the time and cost.
  • Can schedule a migration as per requirement.

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it is very much easier, quicker and safer to migrate files from one cloud to another. With cloud to cloud migration one can migrate all the data, applications, running under virtual machines to destination cloud in an easy and convenient way. cloud to cloud migration helps to make the business agile, flexible, secure, scalable and so on.

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