Increase Manufacturing Industry's Agility with Innovation Factory!

14-Apr, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Increase Manufacturing Industry's Agility with Innovation Factory!

The widespread use of advanced technological inventions, production machinery and equipment generate large volumes of data on a continuous basis, so data is everywhere and utilizing this data is the top-notch priority of the manufacturing industry.

Making business decisions based on data presented in rows and columns is archaic and inadvisable. In manufacturing tracking, analyzing, and gleaning insights from data is tedious and difficult due to the complex processes involved. 

The production activities in manufacturing industries affect the yield in many ways, hence manufacturers must adopt a granular approach to diagnose and correct process flaws. And this is the time where data visualization and analytics come in to solve the problems.

What is the importance of visualizing data in the manufacturing sector?

You can analyze historical data, find patterns and relationships between discrete process steps and inputs, and then optimize the factors that affect yield most.

Using an advanced manufacturing analytics dashboard, you can gain useful insights to scale your business operations to new heights

With different visualization options, you can spot trends and patterns more quickly and clearly than with simple spreadsheets.

You can identify trends, achieve manufacturing excellence by analyzing and visualizing data.

Discover how Innovation Factory can help you visualize your data in a meaningful way

Innovation Factory with the power BI visualizes the business data, monitors overall performance, and allows decision-makers to make informed decisions using real-time KPIs derived from multiple data sources.

It provides companies with end-to-end and real-time visibility into their supply chain processes.

You can get real time production data and you can align the manufacturing process with market demand and ensure profits. 

Innovation Factory helps you to solve your manufacturing pain points such as reduced risk in supply chain, drive sustainability, enable your employees to succeed, customer experience and competitive advantages.

 Increase Manufacturing Industry’s Agility with Innovation Factory!

Fig. Manufacturing Unit Dashboard


With Innovation Factory, you can streamline your manufacturing framework, improve production efficiency, and improve margins through cutting-edge automation, application design, quality assurance, and support.

Click2Cloud's Innovation Factory also offers expertise in IoT and Azure Security as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

The Innovation Factory provides actionable intelligence by presenting incoming data in the form of role-based business dashboards.

With Click2Cloud, manufacturing tasks are streamlined across sales, marketing, operations, distribution, and customer service.


There is no business or industry that cannot benefit from data visualization, but manufacturers are the only group whose survival depends on it.
From field sales, procurement, and logistics to the plant floor and shipping dock, Click2Cloud's Innovation Factory offers end-to-end manufacturing operations based on custom mobile apps, data integration, and analytics.

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