Accelerate Healthcare Growth Exponentially with Cloud Intel

07-Jul, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Accelerate Healthcare Growth Exponentially with Cloud Intel

Healthcare is one of the industries with the most complex data management due to the nature of the processes involved and the vast amount of sensitive and private information.

Complexity in healthcare often poses challenges related to security, accessibility, cost optimization, and self-sufficient health ecosystems.

We are all aware that security is not the only important feature when we move workloads to the cloud, whether it is on-prem to cloud or cloud to cloud.

A technology-based solution is the best one for these problems.

The technology has always served as a savior to overcome major challenges in the healthcare industry. 

A prime example is Cloud Intel...!

Why is Cloud Intel So Appealing for the Healthcare Industry?

Cloud Intel has plenty of opportunities, which offers proper safeguards the fears related to data privacy and security mitigated.

The adoption of Cloud Intel solutions can make healthcare operations even more convenient and cost-effective.

With Cloud Intel, healthcare can improve services for its patients, share information more easily, improve efficiency, and streamline costs.

Healthcare can benefit immensely from Cloud Intel since it is cost effective, quick to deploy and has several other advantages that can be of great benefit.

Healthcare industry can use Cloud Intel to:

  • Increase revenue through personalized patient experiences
  • Enhance clinical productivity with data transparency
  • Streamline operations and expand the scope of care beyond the hospital
  • Analyze patient data to improve care

How can Cloud Intel Help the Healthcare Industry?

Click2Cloud's Cloud Intel provides healthcare organizations with various insights about their on-premises infrastructure and assists in the movement of workloads to the cloud. To achieve better performance and efficiency, it helps organizations decide which applications and data move to the cloud from on-premises or from cloud to cloud.

With Cloud Intel one can get an assessment of cloud readiness which facilitates transparency and visibility, also deliver comprehensive graphical TCO and ROI, which helps to discover, assess, compare, and orchestrate for migration timeline and roadmap.

Among its range of services, Cloud Intel supports infrastructure modernization, data modernization, application modernization, cloud modernization, data warehouse migration, and cybersecurity assessments.

Cloud Intel provides usage parameters that provide the right size information for each machine and makes it possible to provide an optimized service on the cloud, saving both on expenditures and resources.

Benefits of Cloud Intel:

  • Cloud Intel provides security assessments without damaging infrastructure
  • Provides a cost-effective solution for storing healthcare data
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • Analyzes on-prem infrastructure to generate TCO and ROI reports
  • Organize and handle data efficiently
  • An improved customer experiences


The Cloud Intel provides tremendous support and uplift to the health infrastructure by facilitating data access and interoperability.

Integrate Cloud Intel to address every healthcare challenge and achieve your vision!

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