Cloud Modernization to leverage business via Cloud Intel

01-Apr, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Cloud Modernization to leverage business via Cloud Intel

Adapting to changing market requirements is the need of the hour. This requires shifting targets from legacy monoliths to cloud-based architectures. With the help of cloud-native applications, businesses can build digital platforms that reduce costs, accelerate enterprise innovation, and fuel top-line growth. Due to this, the enterprise application modernization services on the cloud are a must-have for future IT proofing to meet the demands of the digital era.

Cloud Intel has alone proven its worth to businesses by delivering flexibility, scalability, cost reduction, and security. Businesses today are opting for cloud technology to leverage their on-premise experience better on the cloud.

Today, modernization is required to take advantage of the latest technologies and meet the changing requirements of the enterprise. A comprehensive approach that involves applications, infrastructure, and services is quite important to realize the benefits of cloud modernization.

What is the solution?

Cloud Intel is your one-stop destination for all your cloud-related goals. Globally, the cloud is the functional part of any digital transformation journey. The pandemic has highlighted the need for cloud technology. It has emerged rapidly and is transforming changes at a faster pace. Additionally, cloud modernization has helped companies to bring resilience, and crisis recovery capabilities that provide a competitive edge to leverage their business. Modernization allows easy access to data to be directly shared with customers, employees, and partners.

It is seen that due to data overload there are underlying complexities in legacy systems. This is when skilled professionals are required to achieve their digital dreams. Today, moving applications to the cloud has enhanced the business potential to another level.

With cloud modernization, it has reduced dependencies on skilled employees. This supports the enterprises to make decisions, gain insight and process valuable data to enhance growth.

How can Cloud Modernization help?

To modernize an application further means breaking down the application into pieces and then taking each part and building it to gain efficiencies and reduce costs. Modernizing your data turns your organization into an analytics and data-driven one rapidly. Modernization is the key to reap the full long-term value and benefits to help run your applications and IT infrastructure on the cloud. That means to continue to evaluate your cloud applications, infrastructure, and services to allow them to optimize and achieve your business and IT goals.

Businesses must modernize not only applications but also infrastructure and data to unleash their true potential.

Modernize applications: Just rehosting applications on the cloud would reduce some costs and resolve a few technical debt issues. But how much would your employees and users actually unleash it? To actually maximize the true potential of the cloud ecosystem you must modernize your applications on the cloud.

Modernize infrastructure: As the world revolves around software-defined infrastructure, it becomes vital to operating in the new “infrastructure as code”. Modernizing infrastructure becomes important for such kinds of environment that enables more automation and intelligence-driven management that can, in turn, reduce costs.

Modernize data: Data is the third main pillar of a modernizing strategy. In organizations today, on-premise data is complex, expensive, inflexible, and tedious to maintain. In contrast, on the cloud, data is safe, easy to scale, flexible enough, simple to move across in your data center.

Difference between Migration and Modernization

To help migrate an application means simply ‘Lift and Shift’ your data or application on the cloud. To modernize an application further means to break down the application into smaller chunks and then take each part and build it to gain efficiencies and help reduce costs.

Why is Cloud Modernization important?

Modernization helps organizations convert their on-premise legacy apps to cloud-based apps. This reaps you with the benefits of Cloud Intel, such as faster market-time, higher scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. Application modernization improves process efficiency and increases business productivity.

Enhancing Digital Dreams

Achievement of digital aspirations is entirely dependent on the maturity of an enterprise. The degree of maturity and lack of it is completely dependent on how the journey will be. It is important to start the journey with a vision and a roadmap to make them true.

Business needs are evolving with time. We want our customers to use our resources wisely. We work with you to select the best cloud service like Cloud Intel that helps you mitigate the cost and leverage your business to a greater extent, bringing you excellent results in the long run!

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