SAP on Azure Migration Assessment

16-Sep, 2022
click2cloud blogs- SAP on Azure Migration Assessment

SAP software powers the majority of today's leading digital businesses. Consequently, businesses are making the smart decision to migrate SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure, a highly accessible SAP-certified cloud platform in the digital age.

The Benefits of Migrating SAP to Azure

A popular cloud computing solution, Microsoft Azure allows developers, administrators, and testers to develop, deploy, manage, and test applications quickly and easily. SAP and Microsoft have a long-term working partnership with strong documentation.

With Azure, SAP operations can be performed fast and with minimal disruption. Reduces your total cost expenditures, reduces unnecessary onboarding and training needs, and provides more customer information.

SAP can scale at any time on the Azure cloud. Power BI and a variety of BI/Analytics solutions are available on Azure that enable full visualization, automation, and standardization for SAP.

SAP Migration's Critical Challenges

Adopting cloud technology for SAP is tricky, as it requires a meticulous assessment of an enterprise’s operational procedures, infrastructure, and compatibility.

You may fall into common SAP transformation journey pitfalls through SAP on Azure migration, such as unplanned downtime, data leaks, etc.

Significant obstacles to SAP migration are compatibility issues, lack of customer confidence, and SAP on Azure implementation.

Without proper planning, assessment, and a detailed roadmap, the SAP to Azure journey could be bumpy.

The Click2Cloud solution assessment helps customers smoothly migrate their SAP workloads to Azure while addressing all challenges and complexities. It offers a comprehensive end-to-end SAP services solution, including consultation, assessment, and migration services.

Why SAP on Azure Migration Assessment?

The SAP on Azure Migration Assessment helps you identify business objectives and pitfalls of SAP migration to Azure. To avoid downtime or resource limitations, it helps to define storage provisioning and allocation.

The assessment delivers an in-depth evaluation of your existing SAP architecture as well as preparation for the new state to come. It helps to analyze the various techniques for SAP migration to the Azure cloud for databases.

It estimates the cost savings of SAP on Azure migration and calculates the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your deployments.

The assessment will provide you with the information you need to build a Proof of Concept for migrating your SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure.

Discover How Click2Cloud Can Help You Maintain Business Continuity by Offering SAP on Azure Migration Assessment

Click2Cloud offers an array of planning, solution assessment, workshops on cloud adoption, landing zones, and industry-specific solutions to accelerate seamless adoption of Azure for SAP.

Powered by Click2Cloud, Cloud Intel is an assessment platform that assesses the existing environment and provides compatibility analysis of the existing SAP environment for Azure migration.

You can align your application-migration priorities with your business goals with the help of Cloud Intel’s assessment.

Cloud Intel helps you to outline a detailed assessment report for SAP migration along with a complete list of current performance, usage metrics and recommended SAP migration steps.

Sap migration to Azure is made easy with Cloud Intel's proven migration assessment that ensures right sizing, rapid deployment, security, and scalability.

With the help of Microsoft account teams, Click2Cloud provides automated solutions and helps customers with Proof-of-Concepts using Innovation Factory for SAP migration to Azure cloud in a simple and hassle-free manner.


Migrate SAP applications to Azure successfully with Click2Cloud solution assessment and ensure business continuity.

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