Modernize Your Mainframes with Click2Cloud's Assessment Solution

28-Dec, 2022 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

In today's global business landscape, mainframes are essential, with many organizations relying on them to run business-critical applications. The term mainframe modernization refers to upgrading or adapting existing mainframe systems rather than replacing them completely or operating them with old software.

Many enterprises puts off their decision to modernize mainframes because they perceive it as complicated and risky. Click2Cloud provides an assessment solution tailored to specific needs to migrate from a mainframe to a modern environment.

Cloud Intel, powered by Click2Cloud, is an automated tool suite that performs assessments and provides an understanding of the applications, operational components, and infrastructures of a mainframe environment and enables enterprises to make a seamless transition to the cloud.

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Cloud Intel powered by Click2Cloud automated tool suite assessments operational components infrastructures mainframe environment mainframe systems