The Rise of Cloud Intel in Manufacturing Industry

25-Jul, 2022
click2cloud blogs- The Rise of Cloud Intel in Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies produce tons of data every day, as well as deal with intricate operations and processes that pose challenges for manufacturers. Although manufacturing companies produce vast quantities of data, the irony is that there is not enough information available. Due to the long-life expectancy of equipment and the cost of replacing it, manufacturers have difficulty transforming their business. Manufacturers spend approximately 60% of their annual budget on planning traditional manufacturing and supply chain processes.

The expansion of business causes manufacturers to face challenges related to maintaining legacy applications, data storage, data compliance, security threats, and data management. Fear of downtime, loss of visibility, migration time and failure of implementation demotivated most manufacturing companies from migrating to the cloud.

The advent of the Cloud Intel platform powered by Click2Cloud helps the manufacturing industry address these issues.

Moving legacy applications and databases to the cloud environment can help the manufacturing sector reduce its overall operational costs with additional benefits like improved speed, performance, adaptability, flexibility, and mobility. However, migrating workloads to the cloud is challenging in itself and needs to be planned thoroughly before opting for migration.

Cloud Intel provides cloud readiness assessments that help the manufacturing industry with great insights before migrating their workloads to the cloud environment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment?

A Cloud Readiness Assessment is designed to help businesses turn a high-level idea of embracing the cloud into a clear, step-by-step plan of action. Cloud Intel provides Cloud Readiness Assessments to the manufacturing industry to find out where they stand and to offer advice to help them on the journey to the cloud. It provides various insights to the enterprise about its resources, applications, and databases before the migration process.


Explore How Cloud Intel Helps Manufacturing Industry to Ensure Migration Success

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel enables the manufacturing industry to gain various insights of on-prem infrastructure and helps in making the right migration choices. The manufacturing industry faces a lot of challenges while moving workloads to the cloud. Cloud Intel helps the manufacturing industry to make the right choice by providing detailed, comprehensive graphical TCO and ROI reports. It helps manufacturers to discover, assess, compare, and orchestrate their migration timeline and roadmap.

Cloud Intel facilitates manufacturing organizations in assessing their on-prem infrastructure to enable them to migrate their legacy applications and databases to the cloud environment. It helps in deciding the right cloud provider, number of resources, and resource costs. It aids in gaining scalability, flexibility, mobility, security, and cost savings. Cloud Intel helps in achieving complete control over replicating applications and data with optimized resource costs and utilization. With Cloud Intel, the manufacturing industry gets transparency for cloud-based marketing, product development, production and stock tracking, and productivity management.

Cloud Intel supports infra modernization, data modernization, application modernization, cloud modernization, data warehouse migration, and cybersecurity assessment that enable the manufacturing industry to grow its businesses and provide various advantages like global reach, scale, operational efficiency, innovative approaches, security, cost reduction, and data compliance.

Cloud Intel features discovery, assessment, cloud compare, orchestrate, migration timeline & roadmap, and right-sizing helps the manufacturing industry to ensure migration success.


Benefits of Cloud Intel

  • Helps in quickly deciding the right cloud provider with plentiful resources
  • Provides insightful TCO and ROI reports by assessing existing on-prem infra
  • Cloud Intel provides security assessments without damaging infrastructure
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • Sustainability
  • Cloud Intel can help in optimizing existing on-prem resources based on ROI reports
  • Enhanced Customer Experience



Cloud Intel is a key technology platform for increasing business velocity and reducing costs in the manufacturing industry. It provides seamless migration processes in the shortest amount of time, not only to the manufacturing industry, but also to the public sector, finance, banking, telecom, and other industries.

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