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07-Apr, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Innovation Factory - Your Go-To Source for Data Visualization

Have you ever struggled to figure out what your reports are made up of or tried to draw conclusions from hundreds of rows of data on a spreadsheet? From trillions of data rows generated every day, it's practically impossible for the human eye to make any inferences.

In today's world, customers are increasingly expected to manage and analyze multiple data sources simultaneously, such as structured, unstructured data, transitional, operational data, as well as social and media data.

As you are probably aware, there are a few solutions that automate data processing. You can pass data to a third-party libraries or cloud service, develop a custom data processing procedure, or combine both strategies.

The situation can get complicated, without a doubt…!

We understand that in the real world, data processing methods can be complex and may involve custom operations that we are unaware of. For accurate analysis, data preparation, data processing to a third-party library or cloud services are not enough to provide moments of genuine insights. To navigate in a world of unfathomable data, you need to visualize the information you have because the human brain prefers to process dynamic images rather than long lists of numbers.

Do you think data visualization is just a colorful alternative for traditional text reports and another way of presenting the information?

If yes, then you are definitely mistaken!

What is Data Visualization? Check it out!

A Data Visualization is a way of presenting large quantities of data in a way that provides insight into how to better leverage it to grow your business. Visualization of data goes well beyond static reports and spreadsheets. A data visualization tool displays data graphically or in a pictorial format, readily revealing customer behavior patterns, top talent turnover trends, employee engagement risks, potential dips in productivity, and other critical business and talent information.

Click2Cloud has a set of data source options that allow you to load input data into our integrated solutions with relative ease.

Innovation Factory's interactive visualization allows business leaders and other key decision makers to create "what if" views of their data, explore the implications of their decisions in real time, and understand data to make better talent decisions to meet business objectives today and in the future.

Innovation Factory offers you interactive self-service innovative dashboards, story behind the data, easy-to-understand visual models, real-time insights, discovery & assessment, activation & landing, after sales support, improved operations, & industry specific POC. You can scale without limit, lower your TCO, and gain value faster with integrated data platforms.


Fig. Innovation Factory Offerings

Some of the benefits of using Innovation Factory are:

  • Business Agility
  • Reduced TCO
  • Scalability Without Limit
  • An Efficient Time to Value
  • Minimal Footprint
  • Increase Productivity on Azure
  • Automated Assessment
  • Industry Specific AI/ML Solutions
  • Better Security
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Cost-Effective

Take a glance at how Innovation Factory offers you Data Visualization


Fig: Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory helps you in processing your data with multiple cloud services and generates analytical visualizations of your data in an innovative analytical dashboard that gives you solutions to increase productivity on Azure, ranging from a simple lift and shift to a full-service cloud migration.

Click2Cloud’s Innovation Factory is one of the biggest growth drivers to seamlessly connect hybrid data sources, that helps customers to provide analytics, automated assessment, and industry-specific AI/ML solutions to enable ease of cloud journey.

Final Saying!

Innovation Factory provide services to many organizations and enterprises, no matter what business you are in, with Innovation Factory's Services Click2Cloud have got you covered! At Click2Cloud, our role is to resolve all your issues of data processing, managing, cloud storage, analytics, and visualization to provide maximum output that builds trust to enhance your present as well as your future cloud needs.

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