Accelerate the Rise of Finance Industry with Innovation Factory

29-Apr, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Accelerate the Rise of Finance Industry with Innovation Factory

Data quality is central to every decision involving financial services, from telematics data to credit checks. To stay ahead of competitors and assess your portfolio of risks, it is vital that you have access to accurate, current data analyses. Data management in financial services can often be rife with inaccuracies, as well as a lack of quality and testing.

A great deal of care should be taken when handling the quality of data in insurance and finance. In the finance industry, data analysis and storage are the heart of the companies to improve compliance, risk assessment, and staff efficiency. It is crucial for companies in the financial sector to address data quality issues, but they do not always have the time, resources, or ability to solve them quickly. 

The traditional reporting methodologies tend to present static data and place the interpretation burden on the analyst and indeed the reader. Also recalculating numbers into actual intelligence takes a lot of hours.

Surely all of you finance people are right now nodding your heads in collective agreement, right?

Issues Faced by Insurance and Financial Companies

1. Uncertainty about data quality

2. Poor performance and accountability across campaigns

3. An insufficient or outdated testing service

How Can Innovation Factory Help with Financial Dashboards?

Innovation Factory offers a variety of financial data visualization services tailored to each client's unique requirement

Services we deliver to financial sector


Fig. Innovation Factory’s Offerings


Innovation Factory provides services to the financial sector such as custom visual reports, investment assessment reports, trading dashboard, performance measurement dashboard, financial statements report, pension funds presentation, profit, and loss dashboard and many more.

Innovative dashboards from Innovation Factory helps financier to analyze information and share trends, expectations, and opportunities. The Click2Cloud’s Innovation Factory enables the finance sector to track data end-to-end and pinpoint consumption across enterprises.

With a considerable amount of information related to existing and prospective customers, Innovation Factory helps to apply specific visualization techniques so that firms can intelligently cross-sell to existing clients and improve conversion rates of new clients.

Innovative Factory's bespoke dashboards enable the finance industry to turn static month-end statements into a more meaningful story that business users can easily understand.


“Visualizing is Believing”, and Innovation Factory help firms to visualize, not just for finance, but also for other categories.
Improve the efficiency of your financial models with better data visualization by Innovation Factory today!

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