Role of Cloud Intel in Banking Industry's Cloud-Based Future

18-Jul, 2022
click2cloud blogs- Role of Cloud Intel in Banking Industry's Cloud-Based Future

The banking industry has a significant amount of customer data and always strives to provide the best services to its customers.

In such scenario, the banking industry needs to deploy contemporary transformative digital solutions to enhance consumer-centric approach and high level of competition in order to deliver improved customer experiences in real-time and at a lower cost. 

In your opinion, is achieving transformative digital solutions easy?

Achieving this digital transformation requires collecting and processing multiple data sources and modernization of outdated operating models and legacy systems.

One thing is clear that until they modernize their infrastructure, the banking sector will be unable to keep pace with more responsive and innovative competitors.

However, to keep pace, and to compete, stay relevant, and futureproof, the banking industry needs to turn to cloud technology.

A world-class security and assessment platform, Cloud Intel powered by Click2Cloud, helps make it possible.

Why is Cloud Intel Beneficial for the Banking Industry?

Cloud Intel assists the banking industry in planning their migration to the cloud by capturing usage and configuration data about their on-premises servers.

It helps in discovering and analyzing existing databases and applications of the banking industry. 

Most of the banks still rely upon on-premises systems because of a wide range of costs, such as maintenance and support, packaging, power and cooling, administration, and so on. Cloud Intel provides a service that identifies cost-saving, recommendations for capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx) to save money on infrastructure, ongoing operational costs, server space, and IT employee resources.

Cloud Intel's security assessment services identify, assess, and implement key security controls in applications provides the banking industry with an up-to-date customer centric solution with excellent security to safeguard banking data.

Benefits of Cloud Intel

  • Better Security
  • Cost-Effective
  • Business Agility
  • Increased Staff Productivity
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Meeting Compliance
  • Automation
  • New Revenue Streams

Cloud Intel: How Does it Help the Banking Industry?

Cloud Intel helps the banking sector to gain various insights of on-prem infrastructure and assists them in determining whether they should move their workloads to the cloud.

It provides comprehensive graphical TCO and ROI reports, allowing the banking sector to make informed decisions.

Cloud Intel helps in discovering the banking sector's IT inventory, assessing it, and collecting intelligence for each category manually and automatically. It helps the banking sector to discover, assess, compare, and orchestrate for migration timeline and roadmap.

Cloud Intel supports infra modernization, data modernization, legacy application modernization, data warehouse migration, and cybersecurity assessment that enables the banking sector to achieve digital transformation. 

The banking industry can make decisions about which applications or data to move to the cloud for better performance and efficiency with the help of Cloud Intel. It provides complete transparency and visibility of their on-prem infrastructure. It also compares several cloud providers based on the compute, storage, and network so that it will become easy for the banking industry to make the right and appropriate decisions. 

Cloud Intel is a transformational model, driving the banking business to the next level.

Features of Cloud Intel 

  • Discovery
  • Assessment
  • Cloud Cost Comparison
  • TCO/ROI Analysis
  • BVA Reports
  • Orchestration


Cloud Intel provides several benefits to the banking sector, which make the functioning of banks better and smoother. It helps banking firms to plan their cloud journey with a comprehensive roadmap and timeline for migration.

Bring the banking industry to the forefront today with an impeccable assessment platform Cloud Intel.

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