Innovation Factory

Human Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence together enhance the ability to capture vast amounts of data and turn it into valuable information.

We extend our hand to our clients to enable the journey to the cloud with an automated assessment & industry-specific data-driven solutions.

With Click2Cloud's Innovation Factory, we carry out a detailed cloud readiness assessment to accelerate and simplify cloud migration journey by using our assessment tools. Our team analyses each business's needs, challenges, and objectives to develop a blueprint for success that can be adapted over time.

Innovation Factory provides a structured framework, increased consistency, and demonstrates value to technology partners in terms of expanding, enhancing, and scaling their solutions in the cloud to build their future and stay at the top.

High-end dashboards with compelling visualizations by using advanced analytics on real-time datasets arm you with rich, real-time insights and enable you to improve your sales pipeline. You can scale without limit, lower your TCO, and gain value faster with integrated data platforms.

In addition to data aggregation, the Click2Cloud platform processes your data with multiple cloud services and generates analytical visualizations of your data in an innovative analytical dashboard that gives you solutions to increase productivity on Azure, ranging from a simple lift and shift to a full-service cloud migration.


Our Value Proposition

Click2Cloud’s Innovation Factory is one of the biggest growth drivers to seamlessly connect hybrid data sources, that helps customers to provide analytics, automated assessment, and industry-specific AI/ML solutions to enable ease of cloud journey.

Retail, Manufacturer, Aviation, Finance, Bank, Healthcare, Government, or Media no matter what business you are in, Click2Cloud takes your business to the next level.

We partner with Microsoft to build a best practice to serve clients with cloud migration strategies. Click2Cloud delivers cutting-edge analytical dashboards & customized applications solutions to help clients achieve higher productivity on Azure, from a simple lift-and-shift to a full-service cloud migration or application modernization.

Innovation Lab Offerings

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Reduced TCO

CapEx and operational expenses of our customers are reduced by 40-60%.

Scalability without limit

With predictable scalability without limits, you won't need to over-vision your business.

An efficient time to value

We are 85% faster to deploy our solution.

Minimal Footprint

90% energy savings, 90% space reduction.