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Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment


Modern Workplace Assessment


App & Database Modernization Assessment


Cloud Security Assessment


Analytics Assessment


Mainframe Modernization Assessment


Sustainability Assessment


Power Platform Assessment


Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment

  • We can help you step up your cloud-strategy with a Data and Infrastructure Migration Assessment. We'll provide an end-to-end analysis and mapping of your IT infrastructure (both physical and virtual).
  • Based on customer plans, current deployments, usage, processes, and data, we'll evaluate your on-premises and cloud strategies.
  • For Windows Server and SQL environments, we will assist in identifying migration opportunities.

Application and Database Modernization Assessment

  • We can help you modernize legacy applications with an Application and Database Modernization Assessment. We'll help you understand the technical aspects and dependencies of modernizing legacy applications and databases.
  • As part of our migration & modernization service, we will deliver a prioritization plan based on readiness, cost, and labor based on 6R's of migration tailored to your unique situation.

Analytics Assessment

Are you making business decisions based on instinct rather than data? Let us help you modernize your analytics platform.
  • We'll help you better understand your migration and modernization options, we’ll provide best practices for cost savings, improving efficiency, and optimizing reporting.
  • A business case, a financial overview, and a competitive strategy will be provided to ensure cloud readiness.

Cloud Security Assessment

Relying on the cloud is the safest way to do business, but you still have to be smart.
  • We can help you establish processes for cyber-risk reduction in the cloud with a Cloud Security Assessment. We’ll help you understand your organization's threat landscape to improve threat surface management.
  • Our roadmap will provide clear visibility to progressive improvements in compliance adherence, and we will implement best practices to integrate identity management requirements into standard business processes.

Modern Workplace Assessment

Transitioning to the cloud, while essential, can be a confusing and frustrating process.
  • We can help you simplify your cloud adoption and improve your end-user productivity with a Modern Workplace Assessment.
  • As part of our experience, we will help you understand the collaboration tools and technology available for improving productivity, provide you with recommendations for attaining optimal security, and assist you in understanding the capabilities and barriers to remote work for hybrid workforces.

Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Assessment

  • We can help you with migrating your on-premises Oracle Database to PostgreSQL database with an Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Assessment.
  • As part of our database migration services, we will help you create a roadmap for database migration that can accelerate your journey to modernize your database and infrastructure.

Data Warehouse Migration Assessment

  • By assessing your on-premises data warehouse environment, we can help you create a fact-based roadmap to migrate your data warehouse to the cloud with our Data Warehouse Migration Assessment.
  • We’ll help you identify and improve wasteful applications and maintenance processes, so your data warehouse meets business needs while minimizing cloud costs.

Mainframe Modernization Assessment

  • We can help you modernize your mainframe seamlessly by providing compelling end-to-end solutions with Mainframe Modernization Assessment.
  • As part of our assessment, we will assess your mainframe estate and business requirements, as well as evaluate the compatibility, security, and performance of existing mainframe applications and determine how to best modernize them.

SAP on Azure Migration Assessment

  • We can help you assess the existing environment and provide compatibility analysis of the existing SAP environment for Azure migration with SAP on Azure Migration Assessment.
  • With the help of assessment, you can align your application-migration priorities with your business goals.
  • We’ll provide a detailed assessment report with a comprehensive list of current performance, usage metrics, and recommended SAP migration plan.

Power Platform Assessment

  • We can help you assess your current workflows and forms, and set up Power Platform in a secure, scalable, and cost-effective way.
  • To make sure your power platform settings are aligned with governance needs and security requirements, and to review licensing options, we'll help you.

Contract Optimization Assessment

  • As part of our Contract Optimization Assessment, we can provide you with an overview of your current deployments as well as recommendations for contract licensing that support your business strategy.
  • We can help you discover and assess your current IT environment, assess cloud licensing opportunities, streamline contracting processes through the consolidation of multiple licenses, and help you measure your progress.

Sustainability Assessment

    Assess and mitigate your impact with cloud migration
  • With Sustainability Assessment, we can help you manage all aspects of your organization's sustainability, including how much carbon your infrastructure emits. We’ll provide visual representations of your positive impact on the environment and help you analyze your baseline carbon emissions over time.
  • To improve governance and reduce your carbon footprint, we can help you assess sustainability issues, identify risks, and develop strategic plans.

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Our Value Proposition

Click2Cloud is a cloud solution provider that provides automated solutions for cloud assessment & digital transformation using our suite of AI and ML-based products, Cloud Intel, and Clouds Brain, across a wide range of industries.

Our cloud solutions empower customers and partners to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation with real-time analysis.

In partnership with Microsoft, Click2Cloud provides a very comprehensive range of solutions centered around Google BigQuery to Azure Synapse, Analytics, Data/App/Infra Modernization, PowerApps-Power Platform, Oracle to PostgreSQL (Hyperscale-Citus), SQL on Azure, Sustainability, Contract, and AI & Data-driven Industry Solutions.

We are well versed with Apps and Infra, Data & AI, Modern Work, Biz App-Based Solutions Assessment, Rapid Prototyping with Low Code, No Code, and K8S based solutions.

At Click2Cloud, we provide an end-to-end holistic approach to cloud adoption, from determining your business goals to implementing specific action items, including Planning, Solution Assessment, CAF Workshop, Landing zone, and Industry Solutions (Pilot/Proof of Concept) across industries.

Accelerate and simplify your cloud journey today with Click2Cloud!


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Discovery & Assessment

Analysis of cloud readiness, identification of opportunities, and roadmap for cloud transformation

Flexible Migration

Quick and efficient migration with flexible, powerful tools ensures minimal business disruption

Improved Optimization

Increased efficiency, maximized ROI, and maintained regulatory compliance


Enhancement of security and visibility into Azure analytics

Reduced TCO

CapEx and operational expenses of our customers are reduced by 40-60%.

Scalability without limit

With predictable scalability without limits, you won't need to over-vision your business.

An efficient time to value

We are 85% faster to deploy our solution.

Minimal Footprint

90% energy savings, 90% space reduction.

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