Application Migration using Lift and Shift via Clouds Brain

20-Apr, 2021 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

Lift and shift cloud migration is a simple and straightforward strategy, where you just need to analyze your resources and cloud infrastructure. It is a strategy of migrating on-prem applications directly to the cloud “as is” with little or no changes. This is possible with Clouds Brain.

Clouds Brain is a flexible cloud computing platform that helps you in migration via the lift and shift method. It helps you to assess and migrate your on-premise workloads and data to cloud without any change in architecture on your on-premise infrastructure.  Migrating your on-premise workloads to the cloud ensures that your organization realizes new benefits—including efficiency, agility, and scalability once your workloads run on the cloud.

Clouds Brain provides a central hub of different cloud operation modules to assess, migrate, track and analyze your migration journey to the cloud.

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