Jumpstarter 2022

28-Oct, 2021 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

Click2Cloud is pleased to announce the inclusion of Hong Kong entities in Jumpstarter 2022. This is Click2Cloud's second participation in Jumpstarter. Jumpstarter ranked Click2Cloud among the top 20 companies in 2021. 

Click2Cloud offers various products and services like Cloud Intel, Clouds Brain, Cost Manager Studio, and Open 5G.

Cloud Intel is a platform that allows you to discover your IT inventory, access that inventory, and obtain information for various categories in order to make decisions about moving workloads to the cloud.

Clouds Brain helps its customers manage multi-cloud infrastructure operations in the following areas:

Cost Manager Studio simplifies processes and cuts costs for better visibility and efficiency. It includes cloud comparison, resource management, cost analysis, right-sizing alert, and recommendation engine.

Open 5G is a platform for building and managing public or private clouds. With this solution, large-scale clouds can overcome key challenges, including scalability, resource efficiency, multi tenancy, edge computing, and native support for fast-growing, modern workloads such as containerized data and serverless functions.

You can find out more about Click2Cloud's products and services by watching the video. 

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