What is a Container ? Cloud Container

02-Nov, 2020 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

Clouds Brain container is a stop shop solution for developers, engineers, and cloud-based organizations to get the software to run reliably. It's an easy approach towards an application, deployment, and development.

Pluggable storage interface (PSI) allowing storage vendors to plugin into systems. Popular Container Orchestration (CO) or middleware have independently evolved storage interfaces. It causes painful to storage providers because they have to build those different types of interface for different CO’s.

Also, it was causing problem for cost providers because they have to understand different types of standards, eventually causes issues to users.

Existing interfaces creating problems like CLI based interface, lack of Idempotency on API’s, too heavyweight and so forth.

To overcome such issues, Container Storage Interface (CSI) has been introduced which provides interoperability which helps storage vendors to create single plugin and that plugin can be used by system’s that supports CSI. CSI also overcome problems like Vendor neutral, focus on specification and so on.

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