Cloud Cost Management System- Cloud Billing

15-Mar, 2021 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.


Clouds Brain’s Cost Manager is an ideal cost management tool that helps enterprises to cut back on spending and simplifies the process to gain better visibility and efficiency. Click2Cloud’s Cost Manager helps the organization manage cloud costs depending on resource usage. It provides the facility of Billing and Optimization. Billing helps to know about the cost of all services like compute, storage, network, database, application, infrastructure, etc. for multi-cloud accounts and gives the detailed invoice report of all these services which includes count, price, unit of each resource. Also, it gives you price details about the coupons and discounts, tax, and the actual cost of each account.

Manage your multi-cloud spends and cut your cloud costs with Clouds Brain cost management and billing. Cost manager helps enterprises to optimize, handle, and manage cloud budget with efficient ways.

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