Usher in a Brighter Future of Work with Cloud Intel’s M365 Copilot Assessment

13-Sep, 2023 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

Excited about Microsoft 365 Copilot? It is an entirely new way of working; it brings the power of next-gen AI to our daily work.

Copilot's seamless integration into your existing M365 environment requires efficient planning and assistance. 

Consider Cloud Intel, an AI-based assessment platform that facilitates M365 Copilot Assessment.

As part of our assessment, we provide a summary of your current Microsoft 365 environment, identify security and compliance challenges, provide insights into business benefits in terms of productivity and business process automation, and help with current and future financial analysis to ensure cost-effectiveness. 

To ease the adoption of this groundbreaking technology, Cloud Intel provides a comprehensive roadmap and AI-based recommendations.

Make your work smarter, not harder!

Usher in a brighter future of work with Cloud Intel’s M365 Copilot Assessment.

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