Embrace Cloud Intel to Enhance Your Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

18-Sep, 2023 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

Microsoft Viva is the ultimate Employee Experience Platform (EXP), seamlessly integrating people, insights, security, and privacy for a unified modern experience.

If you're looking for a solution to unlock the potential of Viva, Cloud Intel can help.

Elevate your employee experience, boost productivity, and drive success with our AI-based assessment platform. It facilitates a Microsoft Viva Assessment that evaluates your M365 usage, configuration, licensing, and readiness for Viva deployment. 

Cloud Intel conducts a comprehensive business value analysis, including security benefits, productivity improvements, business process automation, and financial analysis (ROI/TCO, Capex to Opex), enabling you to easily integrate Viva into your existing business processes. 

Discover how Viva's customizable modules can transform your organization.

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