Discover easy open-source database migration with Clouds Brain

29-Dec, 2020 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

Cloud Intel, an assessment tool, helps you with discovery analysis, TCO and ROI, assessment of your infra, on-premise, databases, networks, and storage. Cloud Intel, an assessment platform helps you with application discovery, database discovery, licensing, cost expenditure, security assessment, and cloud optimization.

Cloud Intel helps you discover and assess your IT inventory to move your workload to the cloud. It also helps in right-sizing your information for each machine and allows it to provide an optimized service on the cloud. This saves both expenditure and resources.

Clouds Brain helps its customers manage multi-cloud infrastructure operations in the following areas, compute, storage, orchestration, containerization, networking, cloud migration, and relational databases.

Migrate your workload from any open source database to OpenGauss via Clouds Brain with few clicks.

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