Migrate Oracle to PostgreSQL via Clouds Brain

19-Mar, 2021 | By Click2Cloud® Inc.

Migrate your database from Oracle to PostgreSQL through Clouds Brain to cut your license cost, enhance security, database management, and leverage the open source database migration needs.

Click2Cloud’s Clouds Brain is a multi-cloud management platform that helps end-users with multiple open-source relational database migration needs.

Clouds Brain with its multiple add-on’s, complex extensions provides a database migration facility that is highly customizable compared to other service providers.

Clouds Brain provides Oracle to other open-source database migration, be it PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. Hence, migrating databases from Oracle to Azure Clouds, PostgreSQL via Clouds Brain is easy, fast, flexible, customizable, and secure.

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oracle to postgresql postgre sql oracel enhance security database management leverage the open source database migration needs cut license cost