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Everything You Should Know About Cloud Infrastructure
2021-03-08 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Cloud infrastructure refers to back-end elements that consolidate hardware and software components like servers, storage, network, virtual machines, multi-sockets, LAN (switches and routers) and cloud infra management tools that support computing operations of any cloud computing platform. All these components are hosted by a service provider and delivered to users over the web

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Migrate On-Premise Workload on Alibaba Cloud for your Business-Critical Needs Using CloudsBrain
2020-09-03 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Most organizations have on-premise infrastructure/applications burdened with high capital expenses, complex management, scalability challenges, and hardware that needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. Maintaining existing on-premise infrastructure results in increased operational process and drains IT budgets for organizations that are already cost, and resource-strapped.

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What’s New in CloudsBrain to Migrate your Workload from AWS to Alibaba Cloud
2020-08-25 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

CloudsBrain helps you to migrate on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud workloads like servers, applications, and databases to the Alibaba cloud. This article summarizes new releases and features as part of this release. CloudBrain provides a user interface which helps in the migration process with few easy steps, backed by a team of experts who can help you in understating the application and provide solutions tailored for your organization.

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Integration of SODA with CloudsBrain as Storage Management Module
2020-08-07 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

The Linux Foundation endowed in 2000, which is supported by more than 1000 members is open-source software that is collaborated with the world’s leading open-source cloud providers, storage vendors, etc. Linux Foundation is an open standard, open data, and open hardware platform. Its projects are critical to the world’s infrastructure including Linux, K8’s, Node.js, and many more. SODA Foundation is an open-source project under the Linux Foundation that aims to foster an ecosystem of open-source data management and storage software for data autonomy.

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CloudsBrain Storage Studio for Ameliorated Business Growth
2020-06-26 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Storing data at cloud not only enhances cost reduction but also improves business productivity, saves time, and provide better security of the infrastructure. But traditional enterprise storage solutions are based on proprietary hardware and controller-based storage arrays, which are expensive and rigid. It causes issues like vendor lock-in, self-governed, shortage of large amounts of data storage, hardware failure.

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Leverage Click2Cloud’s CloudBrain Migration Feature for your Business-Critical Migration Needs
2020-05-19 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Most organizations have on-premise infrastructure/applications burdened with high capital expenses, complex management, scalability challenges, and hardware that needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. Maintaining existing on-prem infra results in increased operational process and drains IT budgets for organizations that are already cost, and resource-strapped.

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Click2Cloud’s Cost Manager: A Comprehensive Tool for Managing Multi-Cloud Cost
2020-05-12 : By Click2Cloud-Blog are deploying various applications that run on separate cloud infrastructures, to avoid vendor lock-in for flexibility and spend optimization. Handling each cloud separately is not a better option for cloud resource management, specifically with Cloud cost management. These days, multi-cloud environments are inevitable.

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Cloud Studio
2020-02-11 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Clouds studio is a collection of software that performs different operations related to cloud computing. Cloud studio provides an organized collection of multiple software packages that are useful for cloud computing operations. Cloud studio is a place where users will get different functions related to cloud computing operations.

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Launch of CloudsBrain In Huawei Market Place
2019-12-12 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Click2Cloud delivers a comprehensive multi-cloud management platform CloudBrain that can provide a unified interface through which administrators and users can easily view and control a multi-cloud environment from a single interface. Click2Cloud has created its level at Cloud Computing Platform with immense productivity and high-quality assurance. Likewise, it has successfully launched its CloudBrain in Huawei Market place.

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General Announcement of Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain a Multi-Cloud Management Platform
2019-11-11 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Click2Cloud family is happy to announce the product CloudBrain a multi-cloud management platform. A unified platform which offers significant technology infrastructure services to help users build refined applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

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Virtual-to-Virtual Migration Using Click2Cloud’s Multi-cloud Management Platform- The CloudBrain
2019-11-04 : By Click2Cloud-Blog
Click2Cloud migration is a managed service offering which provide the solutions for various cloud migration need that includes; database migration, application migration, file migration and virtual machine/bare metal migration. Click2Cloud migration studio works seamlessly with all the leading cloud providers and associated services.
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Launching of Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain for Alibaba Cloud At Apsara Conference 2019!
2019-09-30 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Click2Cloud family is delighted to share the release notes about Click2Cloud’s multi-cloud management platform for Alibaba cloud. CloudsBrain offers a unified platform for Alibaba cloud which provides vital technology infrastructure services to help users build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

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Server Load Balancer: A Solution for Server Reliability Problems
2019-07-23 : By Click2Cloud-Blog
During heavy traffic scenario, slow server response creates a huddle while surfing popular websites is a very common issue. To overcome this problem, the server load balancer comes in picture. A Server Load Balancer is a hardware or virtual software appliance that distributes the application workload across an array of servers, ensuring application availability, elastic scale-out of server resources and supports the health management of backend servers and application systems. This blog will provide information about how and by which algorithms we can solve this server reliability issues during peak hours.
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Problem with Traditional Storage System? Use Object Storage Service (OSS)
2019-07-18 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

With traditional storage systems for storing a large number of static files, videos, images on an on-premise NAS user faces many problems like Hardware failure, scalability issues, Costs, Limited disk space. These stated problems can be overcome with Object Storage Service, which is a storage platform that manages and manipulates data storage as distinct units called objects. Object storage allows users to store large amounts of unstructured data in a highly scalable manner. So, whether a user has a server or application or backup requirements, the user can easily store the data in an object store using Rest APIs with the help of OSS.

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Cloud-to-Cloud Migration using Click2Cloud’s Multi-Cloud Management Platform – CloudsBrain
2019-05-06 : By Click2Cloud-Blog
Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. A cloud migration could also demand moving data and applications from one cloud platform or provider to another known as cloud-to-cloud migration.
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