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OpenShift 2 DevOps plugin for Visual Studio 2012+
2016-05-10 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

In this blog post, we would like to introduce our Visual Studio 2012+ DevOps plugin. Click2Cloud’s Visual Studio 2012+ Extension, allows the developers to create .NET application in Visual Studio 2012+ IDE and deploy it to Red Hat OpenShift 2 cloud. User can use this .NET 4.5/4.6 cartridge to create .NET based application with MS SQL 2008/2012 or 2014 cartridges and deploy it to Red Hat for OpenShift 2 directly from the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

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Click2Cloud OpenShift 2 Tool for Visual Studio 2012+
2016-04-19 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

The unique solutions developed by Click2Cloud Inc. helps you deploy any version of Windows, SQL Server, .NET applications, even SharePoint on OpenShift 2. OpenShift.NET gives choice of a truly heterogeneous environment where Red Hat and Microsoft applications work harmoniously in OpenShift 2 environment

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