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Importance of the Click2Cloud linux cloud extension for developers and enterprises
2016-10-07 : By Click2Cloud-Blog
The benefits of cloud extensions for developers are massive from providing a more agile system, to automatic integration and continuous delivery and coding. Linux Cloud Tool for Visual Studio with Docker tooling allows users to unite, manage containers and images from visual studio 2015 IDE to Linux cloud systems. Click2Cloud provides easy to use Red Hat at OpenShift tools that can be used on Visual Studio making it easier for users to contrast, manage and deploy applications speedily and reliably.
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Prashant Mishra, the co-chair of the .Net on OpenShift Special Interest Group
2016-09-21 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Prashant Mishra, Principal Click2Cloud Inc. would be speaking at this year’s i.e. 2016 OpenShift Commons Gathering. The conference is scheduled on November 7th, 2016 at Sheraton Seattle, 1400 6th Ave, Seattle, Washington.Prashant is the co-chair of the .Net on OpenShift Special Interest Group and would be presenting Click2Cloud’s solutions developed for Red Hat OpenShift PaaS.

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Role of Docker in Publishing .NET Applications to Red Hat Linux/OpenShift 3 Cloud PaaS.
2016-05-24 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Red Hat OpenShift 3 is a great technology that uses Docker Container and Kubernetes. The OpenShift 3 has evolved and gained a very good momentum since its launch in 2015. It uses a Git Repository to store the application source code and Docker registry to manage Docker Images.

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Click2Cloud Docker Container & Kubernetes based OpenShift 3 Enterprise Tool for Visual Studio 2015
2016-05-03 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Click2Cloud Visual Studio 2015 Tool; bring Docker and Kubernetes based containerized .Net application to OpenShift 3 Enterprise. Our DevOps solution, allows developers to build, manage and deploy containerized .NET and lot more other applications straight from Visual Studio IDE to Red Hat’s OpenShift 3 Enterprise Cloud Platform. 

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Click2Cloud’s Docker Container & Kubernetes based Visual Studio Extension for Red Hat OpenShift
2016-04-14 : By Click2Cloud-Blog

Our Visual Studio Extension allows developers to Build, Manage and Deploy containerized .Net and lot more other applications straight from IDE to OpenShift 3.0 cloud platform on a cloud of your choice. Bring on the benefits of Docker and Kubernetes offered by OpenShift. The power of “AND” eliminates the question to choose Microsoft “OR” Red Hat. Our DevOps solution gives you the choice of a truly heterogeneous environment where Red Hat and Microsoft applications work harmoniously in Redhat OpenShift 3.0 and Redhat Openshift 2.0.

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